2 Storey House

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Compared to the One-story house , Two-story house shape is more attractive to modern society. Because the form of 2 storey house , when viewed from the side of the architecture is more attractive and looks more elegant and more luxurious . In addition, 2-storey minimalist house can save the cost of purchasing land so that you can allocate the funds for other purposes , such as the purchase of furniture , materials and ornaments complement the house . Generally , the characteristics of minimalist 2 storey house tend to have geometric lines and firm in every room . The combination of vertical and horizontal lines in minimalist house , will make the house look more modern minimalist . Structuring 2 storey minimalist house is fairly easy and simple . It does not take a lot of ornaments and furniture to beautify modern minimalist house. At the top of the minimalist 2 storey house, you can make some bedroom. While on the ground floor , you can use for dining room , living room , kitchen and family room .

2 storey house
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13 Photos of the 2 Storey House

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